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In Memory of Patricia Clifford 

Patsy with Dennis, Danielle, her niece, Rosie, grand niece, William grand nephew, David, D
Patsy and Santa Clause 12.12.1950.JPG
Patsy and Scarlett (grand-niece).JPG

In January 2024 BRAHA lost a part of its heart, when the beloved Pat Clifford passed away. 

She was such a devoted member to BRAHA and all our horses. She will be deeply missed. But her legacy lives on through the people she touch during her many years as a unwavering member of our community 

Memories of Pat

She always had a smile. She was so kind and encouraging. I didn’t know her long but could easily appreciate how much she loved the horses and horse shows. 

 - Lori A.

I worked many a show with Pat and always admired her patience and her willingness to help everyone.

She had a rule for me: one meltdown per show and that’s all!   

Betty A.

Patsy and Dennis.JPG
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