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The Maryland Futurity for purebred, part-bred and Anglo-Arabians is sponsored by the Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association (BRAHA) and therefore falls under the control and jurisdiction of the Association. In order to nominate a mare for the Maryland Futurity, ONE of the following requirements must be met:

Membership in BRAHA
Resident of the state of Maryland
Having a mare serviced by a purebred Arabian stallion in the state of Maryland
Having a mare serviced by a purebred Arabian stallion owned by a resident of the state of Maryland
Having a mare serviced by a purebred Arabian stallion owned by a member of BRAHA

Once a foal is born, he/she is eligible to enter the Futurity Show held each year. Foals do not have to be shown each year to remain eligible; however, their payments must be kept current. Halter classes are offered for weanling through three years old and Performance Classes are offered for three and four year old horses, The Futurity show is held in Maryland usually in September.

Should any nominated foals be sold, the seller should advise the Maryland Futurity Chairperson of the sale and inform the buyer of the futurity payment schedule. Also, owners should notify the Maryland Futurity Chairperson when the eligible colt is gelded.

Futurity payaments are neither refundable nor transferable.


Nominations must be made on the proper form and must be accompanied by the proper fees. 

Fees and payments dates are as follows:

All payment dates are as of the current year

Mare Nominations - $10.00 - January 31,
$20.00 - If paid from February 1 until March 31***

Weanling Payment - $10.00 - June 30

Yearling Payment - $25.00 - January 31

Two Year olds - $25.00 - January 31

Three Year olds - $25.00 - January 31

**** Mare Nominations will not be accepted postmarked after the March 31, 2004 deadline


Those payments not postmarked on or before the due date will be accepted at double fee. However, this provision does not apply to mare nominations after the March 31 of the current year deadline.


There are two divisions of Futurity classes: Purebred and Partbred/Anglo classes which are further divided by age and sex within each main division beginning with weanling foals and ending with three year olds.

Ribbons will be awarded at the show. Prize money and trophies will be presented at the BRAHA Awards Banquet in November. Of the money collected for each class, 50% will be distributed among the first four places as follows:

1st 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10%

In the event that horses actually shown are fewer than prize money places, the remaining monies will be divided proportionately among those entries shown. The remaining 50% will be added to next year's payment to assure a growing fund. When the horses become three years old, all the money in their division will be paid out. Entry fees will be charged at the show to help offset expenses.

Neck ribbons only will be presented in the Most Classic Classes


To be eligible, each horse must be the produce of a mare who was nominated to the futurity. Performance classes are offered for three and four year old horses in English Pleasure (Hunter and Saddle Seat) and Western Pleasure. If a horse has been properly nominated and is eligible for performance, but payments for halter are not current, the back payments for halter do not have to be paid providing the horse is shown in performance only. Ribbons only will be awarded at the show, with the prize money and trophies presented at the BRAHA Awards Banquet.


HORSE Information:
Sire and reg #
Dam and reg #
Purebred or Partbred
Year expected to be born

OWNER information
Owner(s)'s name
Phone #

NO payment will be accepted after March 31 of the current year

Make check payable to the Maryland Futurity

Send information and payment to::


Pat Clifford
11 Morris Way Rd
Owings Mills, MD 21117
(H) 410.356.7465

The BRAHA Board of Directors has the authority to modify these rules and procedures.